Your flights are booked, hotels are arranged and you’re looking down at a very full suitcase…now it’s time to tackle the carry-on luggage. With very limited space and even more limited types of items that you can take on an aeroplane, we have some ideas to share with you about what to pack in your carry-on luggage.



It doesn’t matter how shiny and new your aeroplane is, there’s no guarantee that the inflight entertainment is going to keep you entertained, or worse, even work – so think ahead.  If you’re looking at a long haul flight lasting more than 7 hours then you’re going to want a range of entertainment. If you have a tablet or even a cellphone, load it up with some ebooks before you fly. Additionally, make sure you have a number of games available that can work offline. Double check to make sure that your favorite puzzle game you are hoping to complete doesn’t need an internet connection that your flight doesn’t offer.


Health and Beauty

While it can be tempting to pack your entire makeup collection to ensure that you are always looking your best during the flight, the truths of the matter are that you aren’t allowed, and you likely aren’t going to care too much after about the fifth hour of flying. Instead of packing your regular health and beauty products, head to the travel section of Belk and get yourself dedicated travel size products like a body spray to freshen up or a moisturizer to keep your skin a little fresher.


Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

It’s something that you’re going to want to do once you’re in the air, and despite the horror stories you aren’t likely to encounter babies screaming the whole flight or somebody that just can’t stop talking. If you’re looking to sleep, a simple pair of earbuds and sleep mask are likely to do the trick, along with some soothing music downloaded to your phone before you fly. While it’s true that the aeroplane can get cold, it’s likely that the airline will provide you with a blanket to keep you warm, and will help keep your carry-on luggage light and slim.


Follow these simple tips and you’re on you way to a well packet carryon bag and a seamless and relaxing flight, wherever your journey.