If you are heading out on your travels then one of the best things to do, that is a little different, is to head to the races. I had never been before but once I went I loved every second of it, it is not just about watching the horses fly around the track but the whole event that is absolutely amazing! The race courses make sure that all of the visitors have a fantastic time, there is food, drinks and great entertainment. Then there’s also the chance to win a few extra dollars to help you with you travel budget!

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Here are 3 of my favourite racecourses that you should definitely visit if you have the chance.

Aintree, United Kingdom

Aintree has been made famous by it’s annual horse racing festival. The festival includes the running of why is arguably the world’s most famous race, the Grand National. The Grand National 2014 will soon be running, it’s a greta event and one that is watched by millions around the globe. The racetrack itself has over 80 bars, live bands and oh, some of the world’s best horse racing as well! I loved my time here because even though I am a rank amateur when it comes to horse racing I felt comfortable the whole time I was there.

Happy Valley, Hong Kong

If you want fun then this is the racecourse for you. Situated in the heart of the city the venue itself is an amazing spectacle. Every Wednesday there is something called ‘Happy Wednesdays’, this is when the people of Hong Kong come out to have a good time. There is always great music, great food and an amazing atmosphere. I nearly forgot about the horse racing when I was there because I was having so much fun! It only costs a little over a dollar to get in and a great evening is almost always guaranteed.

Meydan, Dubai

Meydan is the epitome of high class racing and elegance. If there is anywhere in the world that knows how to do luxury it is Dubai! The racecourse has massive grandstands for you to watch the races from, private boxes and even accommodation on site! You will be able to find some of the best restaurants in Dubai at the racecourse. If you are wanting to splash out a little and experience some luxury then head on over to Meydan racecourse to see how the other side live!