The most remote of the Sporades island group, Alonissos, is a perfect destination for the nature and history lover wanting to indulge their passions in peace and serenity. Greek mythology tells us that Pileas, father of Achilles, is buried here. The first known inhabitant is believed to be Stafylos, which translates to grape, and bears historic witness to the fine wine that was exported to all the then known world. The urns used for transporting the islands wine bore the mark Ikion that is derived from the Island’s ancient name of Ikos.

Fonissa waterfalls, Kithira island, Greece

The National Maritime Park is situated at the northern part of the Sporades island group and is home to many of rare seabirds, the Mediterranean Monk Seal and dolphins. Because of it siting to so many major sea routes, naval history plays a big part in the story of this restful island. It was from here that Jason and his Argonauts set sail in pursuit of the golden fleece. Countless wrecks around the island confirm it’s naval importance.


The capital of Alonissos is Patitiri, a beautiful harbour from where the islands wine was sent out to the civilized world and this will be the first experience of your sojourn to here. Hora, meaning old village, is the old capital and has a stunning castle that overlooks the sea and boasts old stone houses with immaculate courtyards. Stroll around the narrow streets and take in the numerous churches, one them has a path that leads you into a scented pine forest. You may want to take a boat trip to see the many uninhabited small islands that are part of the National Maritime Park. For a more relaxing time visit one of the many beaches to laze on the sand and swim in the crystal waters, musing, that while sipping a glass of local wine, Achilles may have done exactly the same, before the foot trouble that is.

To reach this cultural beauty spot you have to fly to Athens and connect to Skiathos, then catch the ferry. Just click here for accommodation ranging from hotels, apartment, villa or room rentals. Bon voyage.