So you finally realise that you want to learn how to start a travel blog, what’s the next step? Well, all you need to do is hop on to google and type in how to start a travel blog. There are plenty of article on line that will talk you through each step of how to start a travel blog, they are loaded up with with pictures and the most simplest of instructions.

Once you figured out how to buy your domain name and bought the hosting it’s time to really start enjoying the experience. I have found that starting a travel blog is absolutely amazing! It is certainly one of the best things that I have done in recent years. I mean, if you travel a lot, have great experiences and are able to articulate these in an article, why not share it with the world?

You’ve been online and read other people’s blogs so there is no good reason not to start your own!

Why do I think having a travel blog is amazing? Well, I could probably list over 50 reasons why it’s brilliant but I’ll give you the top 3. After reading them I hope you are filled with enthusiasm and start the simple process of how to start a travel blog.

Spread the word that travel is amazing

If you’re considering starting a travel blog then you probably already have the travel blog, but don’t forget that there are many people out there who just need that extra inspiration or push to get out and see the world. We can be that difference and inspire others to book the trip they’ve always wanted – Amazing!

Keeping a record

When we’re old and grey and look back on our lives what better thing to do than to have an amazing online diary of all the things that you’ve done? So put the work in now writing about your experiences and sharing your videos so it’s there for you and your family to look back on – Amazing!

Getting free stuff

Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? From hotel stays to travel gear, all of these will come if you put your heart into blogging. You get to stay in some of the most amazing hotels, get gear you would never think of owning and it’s all for free – Amazing!