I don’t think there’s anyone our there that enjoys saving money on travel as much as I do. Everyone loves to save some pennies when they book their flights and accommodation so that they have more to spend on having a good time on holiday. The last time I had a big smile was when I booked a cheap holiday deal with a1travel.com. There are also plenty of tips that I have picked up over the years to help you save money when you’re away.


So whether you’re off to the alps skiing or to the Lake District with the family the fact is that we want to make the most of our time there. Every destination we visit is full of temptations that are just enticing you to spend money; ice cream on the beach or ice cold cocktails at sundown. If you add up every little thing you spend money on you’d be shocked how much you could save.

The main reasons people spend too much money are; food and beverages cost more than first thought, spending more on activities than planned and having to purchase items that were not packed. I think we all know that there are simple solutions to all these problems. So here’s my checklist to help you have a great holiday and keep more money in your pocket.

Budget Budget Budget

We’re amazing when it comes to saving up for the holiday but most people only look at the cost of flights and accommodation – don’t forget to budget for insurance, spending money and things such as car hire.

Be realistic

Do a little research to check how much things cost at your holiday destination. Prices can vary massively from place to place, so don’t get caught short on arrival and do your homework!

Save up in advance

You should really start saving as soon as you get back from your last trip, there’s no better time than the present! Just put aside what you can each week or month, when it’s time to get on the plane next time I am sure you will have more than enough to have a fantastic trip.